ULTIMATE 4K HD – FIX Stuck Pixel Dead Pixel 4096p 60FPS Pixel REPAIR – 1 HOUR FULL 4K HD

ULTIMATE – TRUE 4K Super HD Dead Pixel Fixer – IDP-Film Studios Software v.1.00.01B ( MK2 ) http://www.idp-film.com/
MK3 version now Released: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X71jVGybxb4
** Note: unlike others we have 72458 different flotation points with complete spectrum to eliminate dead pixels within this program**

TRUE 4K Super HD Dead Pixel Fixer – software produced by IDP-Film.com & uploaded to 4096 x 2160 TRUE 4K S-UHD
1 HOUR Version

SEIZURE WARNING – read description below
DO NOT WATCH THE SCREEN – while running the program !

Program produced for our Studio Cinema Displays at
run this program at 4K HD

FILE SIZE: 4096 x 2160 TOTAL UPLOAD – SIZE 39.42GB – 4K S-UHD on YouTube
Note: unlike others we have 72458 different flotation points with complete spectrum to eliminate dead pixels within this program.

Do you have dead or stuck pixels on your laptop screen or retina display or TV ?

Keep replaying this video until the dead pixel or stuck pixel has been repaired/unstuck.
This video fixed the stuck pixels on my Large TV and also Macbook Pro’s Retina display, be warned it can take hours depending on the pixel.

If this method doesn’t work for you, Google the pen tip pixel method or contact the manufacturer of your display.
This video should also work on smart phones, iPhone, iPad and tablets as well.

***Seizure warning ****
***Seizure warning ****
***Seizure warning ****
***Seizure warning ****


Turn the screen away from you, if using a mobile device leave it face down and allow the video to run to the end, repeat the video if necessary.

You run the program at your own risk – you have been told not to look at the screen.

If this does not work contact the manufacturer of your display – you may need to replace the screen: the screen may have a life-span of a few years and every display maybe different.


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20 thoughts on “ULTIMATE 4K HD – FIX Stuck Pixel Dead Pixel 4096p 60FPS Pixel REPAIR – 1 HOUR FULL 4K HD

  1. THANK YOU! This is amazing, I have tried loads of methods, Pressure, other videos, applications and jscreen fix, Nothing! But this got rid of 167 stuck pixels on my imac 27 5k. THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!

  2. @IDP Film Would you recommend me to play this video on my quantum dot UHD Monitor? I have a small stuck pixel that only appears when there's a black/dark grey background. to be honest I rarely notice it…

  3. Serious props fellas! I have a brand new 65" LG C8 that developed a stuck pixel yesterday, after one week of use. I came across your video last night, ran it for the full duration and also covered the front of the panel with 2 sheets as you have suggested below. After the video finished I turned off the panel to let it cool. Very noticeably the stuck pixel was still on even after the TV was off for about 20 seconds. When it finally turned off I knew it was working normally once again. After cooling I turned the set on and my display was good to go and perfect once again. Can't thank you all enough! – B EZ

  4. I have this white border around my screen, it appeared once before and a similar video fixed it, however, I do not remember one thing from last time I fixed it, the screen image keeps stopping at a certain point, freezes in place and the image kind of slowly burns and loses contrast, then it stop freezing.

    This happened last time too, but I do not remember how to fix this. At one point your video does fix the burn completely, but the screen still has these random freezes and burns. If I stop the monitor for some time, the border appears again, but the screen at least works.

    I'm going to buy a new one next month, and I will send this one to warranty then, but I thought maybe someone here has any idea. Should I leave it on longer? Should I leave my monitor off longer? It gets pretty hot with this video on.

  5. Could this fix a fine vertical line? I have a Samsung 65MU6100. Only 18 months with it, and while I was playing on my xbox that line appeared. Like seriously, come on!


  6. Hello IDP Film. I am suddenly seeing in total of 80-100 multi color fixed dots on all the corners of my TV screen and they r spreading like tree branches. They are only visible while the screen pops black or dark images. I am hoping this video and the newer mk3 version will solve it. Just to be perfect, some few questions: Should I play both of the videos that u uploaded? should I brighten up the screen color and brightness to max or should I keep it normal? and if the problem don get solved within 2 hours of playback, should i keep playing it overnight? Really sorry for these lengthy questions bt I really love my TV and its almost new with no warranty. I worked hard to buy it and now there's this creepy dead pixels. Please do warn me with any other precautions or tips if there is any as I have read all your comments. The TV is Bravia X-8500-D, 4k HDR. Thanks a lot again 🙂

  7. Has anyone found success running this vid on a LG OLED C7? Put a little over 100 hours on the tv and this vertical line appeared where the pixels were all a bit dimmer. You couldn't notice it at a distance, but it was clearly visible up close. Now random pixels within this line get stuck all the time. Whenever I turn on the TV theres a white line across the screen to greet me. Pixel refresher has fixed it temporarily, but I have to run it manually multiple times in a row to clear the line completely, which takes hours. After that, I can watch a movie or play a game without problems. Turn off the set and return to it, stuck pixels again. I waited years to pick up a new display and put a lot of money into this. Would exchange it, if it had shown problems around the rime of purchase, but that was back in January and I doubt the warranty is really going to do much od any good seeing the stories people post online. Not happy.

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