TWiT Switch: iPad Pro vs. Pixel Slate

Megan Morrone and Jason Howell discuss the 2019 TWiT Switch. Megan took Jason’s Pixel Slate and Jason took Megan’s 2018 iPad Pro. They share their thoughts on hardware, software, the importance of a trackpad, apps, productivity, games, whether a tablet can replace a laptop, and more.

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7 thoughts on “TWiT Switch: iPad Pro vs. Pixel Slate

  1. Great review… I have both a Pixelbook and an iPad Pro. They are both excellent, but very different devices. I do spend most of my time in Google web apps and other productivity web apps such as Trello. The Pixelbook is much better at doing this kind of stuff because of its full browser, trackpad, and external monitor support. I do love the iPad when I'm on the road, but am far more productive on the Pixelbook. Tablet support on the Chromebook still needs some work but is getting better with each update and Android apps are slowly getting better, I do find I'm using them more and more. I think the biggest drawback with the Slate for me would be its keyboard cover.

  2. Okay, great. Now give Megan back her iPad so she can properly do her iOS Today show. Jason has never used LumaFusion. Once you use LumaFusion for content creation you will not use anything else.

  3. Yeah, I think they somewhat lost the mark on the Slate but it's because of Androids lack of optimization for tablets. In my opinion both of these devices fall short unless it's used for a particular scenerio but even then the price point is too high. I'm not sure about the Slate but we know the iPad Pro lacks real file management, font support, input/mouse support. Even future Adobe applications like "Real Photoshop" is just a neutered version of Photoshop based on the demos I've seen. It's not going to replace a PC for many people unless you simply do general tasks in which nearly anything will suffice. Plus, why buy a iPad Pro anyway? Most use cases would be perfectly fine on a regular iPad which now has Apple Pencil support as well.

    The iPad Pro is excellent choice for Artists but that's about it. If you love iPads I still think the entry iPad is maybe the better option for the money.

  4. I don’t smoke crack.
    I run my business on an iPad Pro 12.9” 2018 rev.
    Email, conferencing, document creation and editing, presentations, spreadsheets. All of it is, almost, seamless.
    I have a PixelBook and I run into as many limitations as I run into going from MacOS to iOS.
    And Jason thank you for admitting that there are use cases beyond your own. You and Leo seem unable to imagine anyone using a computing device for purposes other than your own.
    Reviews should distinguish between use cases, not universally pan because “I don’t use those apps”

  5. My question is how much did Google pay for this "review"?

    It's a tablet that cost as much as the iPad Pro or MS Surface but can only do one thing correctly, run Chrome browser. It's funny to hear this video try to justify this. Every review I've seen basically calls this out as terrible and not even in the same class as the Surface or iPad Pro. I've seen similar suspicious reviews and comments about products on this channel. I love the channel but take everything I see with a grain of salt.

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