Top 5 Apps for Blackberry Passport in 2018

Does Blackberry World still have decent apps available in it or is it all just about installing Android apps now for BB10 users?

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Apps for Blackberry Passport in 2018

  1. Thank u …it's awesome the top video I see is this one when I searched blackberry passport and chose this month in the setting …..I've been wanting to buy iPhone 7 ..but I've been in love with Bb10 devices since first I got the z10 ..then original passport …now I'm deciding to get a silver PP to go alongside my Nokia 5 . No need for a iPhone

  2. I've always wanted this phone. I liked everything about it, even the shape, though it take some time to get used too. Just wished there was recently supported Android rom for it. This way if updating for the devices spot being pushed , I'd just flash a rom to keep it running smoothly.

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