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Stunning F1.4 resolution in a mobile prime lens FE 24mm F1.4 GM
Unsparing application of leading-edge technology achieves refined G Master performance with consistently high resolution and soft, natural bokeh even at the widest F1.4 aperture setting. The lens is both compact and the lightest in its class*, maximizing portability. It also offers fast, precise AF drive, top-level control and reliability.

*Compared to 24mm F1.4 auto focus lenses for 35mm full-frame format cameras, as of September 2018, Sony survey.


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46 thoughts on “Sony | Lens | FE 24mm F1.4 GM | Product Feature

  1. Australia has a massive backlog of orders for the 24mm. So you cant get one at the moment. I really want one but don't think all orders will get filled in the next 12 weeks. I've moved from A-mount to E-mount for this lens but will have to wait… my order is in but I'm dying to get shooting. Fingers Crossed.

  2. whilst the new FE24mm F1.4 GM is a nice (long overdue) fast WA OEM prime lens
    (which i mentioned further below)
    for Sony F/E FF Alpha camera users

    the biggest downside of Sony FF Mirrorless (Live-View) cameras
    along with any of their FE Lenses (with bright fast apertures, or not)
    it Sony's very notoriously limited Live-View AF capabilities

    while "live exposure preview" (WYSIWYG-LV) has been available on interchangeable lens Canon EOS dSLRs since 2005 EOS 20Da, which was first ever to have ExpSim Live-View (liveview exposure simulation especially useful for astrophotography)
    it had quickly evolved to impressive optimized AF aperture-related Exposure Simulation (simulating any exposure of F-value chosen by users) both Live WYSIWYG "effect" Preview is available simultaneously DURING AF even when conventional AF "stop-down" (not simulated) starts to fail AF entirely.

    This unsimulated aperture stop-down (ASD) type AF suffers typical light deficiencies that help AF work when Sony (+Nikon Z) need WYSIWYG-LV to be "ON", so Sony (+Nikon Z) mirrorless stills shooters end up turning OFF their WYSIWYG-LV, just to allow brighter AF "wide-open aperture" to work (=NO WYSIWYG-LV is only solution, when ASD is too light-starving for its AF).

    This "no WYSIWYG-LV AF" (no simulated apertures possible) dilemma for ASD-Only WYSIWYG-LV on all Sonys (+now Nikon Z's, too) takes away the whole point of having "live-view" digital cameras at all.
    By relegating WYSIWYG-LV to the "not so important" feature in digital era cameras, the LACK of it entirely, is what killed off both Casio and Kodak (lack of WYSIWYG-LV killed off Kodak first; others much later, such as Casio, just recently).

    Sony managed to survive only because they relied heavily on older videocam tech era, where ASD (Aperture Stop-Down) usage for video was the norm.
    Now, Sony is only rehashing old ASD-reliant WYSIWYG-LV, as well as ASD-AF, which for stills capture, is problematic when AF during ASD-mode for WYSIWYG-LV "ON" will never work as effectively as "wide open aperture" (WOA) mode AF.

    Since Sonys (+Nikon Z's) have NO "aperture simulation" capabilities of Canon ExpSimLV (=no available WYSIWYG-LV + Optimized AF), every Sony/Nikon with any lens (fast or slow) are better off with WYSIWYG-LV turned OFF, for "improved successful" AF.

    Sony Mirrorless users must take refuge in either shooting AF exclusively "wide open aperture", or ensure WYSIWYG-LV stays OFF for AF to work unimpeded by AVOIDING ASD needed for its old videocam era type AF.

    Sony users can turn WYSIWYG-LV OFF, as follows:
    Menu option:
    Live View Display (LV): Setting Effect = OFF
    (turns camera exposure setting preview effect OFF) = turns off ASD (aperture stop-down mode = off)
    so AF can work with more light "Wide Open Aperture" (WOA-AF).
    Sony users are advised if they want WYSIWYG-LV, to assign ability to toggle it ON/OFF, to flip between the two, to a custom button.

    Nikon Z (Z7+Z6) users can turn WYSIWYG-LV OFF, as follows:
    Menu option:
    "d8" option (Apply Settings to Live View) = OFF
    (where camera exposure applied setting preview OFF) = turns off ASD (aperture stop-down mode = off)
    so AF can work with more light "Wide Open Aperture" (WOA-AF).
    Nikon users are advised if they want WYSIWYG-LV, to assign ability to toggle it ON/OFF, to flip between the two, to a custom button.

    Canon Exp.Sim Live-View camera users enjoy excellent WYSIWYG-LV AF regardless of whether to keeping WYSIWYG-LV on or off, like on new FF EOS R "Mirrorless" digital stills+cine-video camera.

    Right now, hardcore Sony+Nikon FF Mirrorless camera users are furiously trying to play down the ASD-Only WYSIWYG-LV AF shortcomings, and in deep denial Canon EOS WYSIWYG-LV AF is lightyears ahead in both stills photography and cinema cameras.

    They (Sony/Nikon users) have been heavily censoring (all info sharing of) any benefits of Canon ExpSimLV AF as "fake news", "bogus/bunk", yet Canon forges ahead to #1 FF Mirrorless globally, …
    with its new FF EOS R, capable of AF down to unprecedented F11 (with WYSIWYG-LV "ON"), AF down to -6 EV (stills), AF down to -4 EV (movies), AF 40x faster than even LV AF on 5DMkIV …
    and electronic Movie IS (on IS Lenses up to 800mm (1.75x = 1400mm))

    welcome, folks
    to first-time ever
    superb REAL WYSIWYG-LV AF (first time right)
    on FF Mirrorless (1st ExpSimLV on any FF Mirrorless by any MFR)
    the EOS R (1st of its kind)
    BONUS: first time ever, any FF EVF Mirrorless camera offering uninterrupted EVF LV during mechanical shutter mode stills shooting
    Canon knows how to use perfect EVF timing to achieve "no blackout" during mechanical shutter modes
    (they already offer "no blackout" during electronic shutter on ExpSimLV EOS dSLR 1DxMkII) … long before others' "mirrorless-only" models

    Canon has made Superb WYSIWYG-LV AF in low light a "norm" (others failed to achieve)
    Sony had years to do so … but have NEVER come close.

    'nuff said.

  3. I am a Nikon full frame long time user from dubai, 2 weeks ago bought Sony a7riii, placed order for 24 105 f4, for general shoots. Now I want to add more lens to my collections. I do not want zooms as they are very heavy to carry, looking for 2 primes for serious landscape and portraits. What do you suggest guys ? F 1.4 is it worth for landscape or for portraits? For portraits with f1.4 will not the nose will be out of focus when focusing eyes, if shot with a distance will this problem resolves ?

  4. Ok.

    Let’s go step by step.

    I joined your Sony Imaging Pro Support because I’m a professional photographer, I make my living making photographs and I chose Sony as my daily tool. I wanted a quality service, and some other benefits of your program, I trusted you.

    I payed the fee.
    I didn’t receive any payment invoice, confirmation or anything, I ´ve asked for it many times. ITS THE LAW!
    I didn’t receive the welcome kit that every other member anywhere else in this program receive
    I don’t have access online to my profile, repair status or anything else
    I don’t get my emails answered.

    One of my cameras is an A99 that failed two years ago, I sent it to MTC and they fixed it, but after a few months it failed again, the exact same way. I talked to them and they didn’t honor any kind of repair warranty, I accepted to have it repaired for a second time, they changed other parts and of course I paid again. It failed again after a few months, I contacted them , they told me there was no warranty, and I was literally kicked out. Sony Canada, MTC, were copied in my mails, nobody cared about it, it was extremely frustrating. Two months ago I joined Sony Pro Support and decided to repair the camera for the third time, for the exact same reason, exact same problem, now with the advantages of the Pro Program. I decided to send a lens for adjustment as well. I sent the camera to MTC for the third time and received a first estimate for 424 dollars

    I was shocked and insisted this was their fault because they didn’t do a correct diagnose the first time, nor the second. Sony agreed to make a 50% discount from the total of the reapair. I accepted not because i was happy with it, just because I didn’t want to argue any more. I called MTC and gave my authorization for the estimate. No more, no less

    While the camera was in repair I tried using the loan service that the Pro Program offers and I asked for a Full frame camera and an equivalent lens to the one that i had on repair. I was expecting the camera yesterday and at the end of the day when I thought It was too late to receive it, I contacted Sony Pro Support to check the situation and they told me the cancelled my loan because my camera was on the way back to me. Hey!, the loan I was asking was for a camera and a lens, the only thing coming was the camera. Well, they decided to cancel everything without noticing me anything. You must know I stayed home the whole day waiting for it.

    Today I received my camera from MTC. I opened the box and the first thing I checked was the work order summary. Surprise!, the amount payed was very similar to the estimated but what they did is, they didn’t replace one of the two parts they needed for the repair, they replaced just one, charged me full price parts and labor, they didn’t honor the 50% discount Sony offered me which was clearly stated in the estimate MTC sent me and the one I accepted. This is FRAUD.

    Now the camera. When I took off the plastic cover, the first thing I saw was an extremely dirty camera, fingerprints and smudges all over it, the plastic lens mount cover was not the one I sent them, this was all scratched, viewfinder dirty. Terrible!, I put the battery on to test it, now the lens, surprise again! the translucent mirror is dirty and with fingerprints. You know it has to be perfectly clean because it affects the image right?, well, Ive always been extremely careful with this and when I send it to the professionals, they didn’t care. Now, the worst part. The camera is not working!!!! The rotating dial to select the program is stuck in P, no way to change to any other program or Manual as I always use it.

    I received an unusable camera, you cancelled my loan of camera and lens, you still have my lens. Bravo. Pro Support.

    I keep record of more than 2 years of conversations, documents and proofs that what you are doing is not correct.

    This time I will proceed legally.

    Maurizio Solis

  5. Dear SONY.
    I’m shawn ; have an request from you that is : please make a few tilt shift lens for us to us for Sony disorder n mirrorless body.
    We have been waiting for tilt shift len for shooting architecture, landscape n interior shot for a long long time.
    Canon n Nikon have those lens for a decade already n I believe in yours technology that u can do much much better than them even more functions, options n plus technology.
    Thank you
    Shawn. 😊💐🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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