Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test – Most Durable Yet?!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test – Most Durable Yet?!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test reveals Slam Test Durability not only in Scratch and Hammer Test but also in Water Test! Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Full Comparison and 50+ Tip & Tricks!

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50 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test – Most Durable Yet?!

  1. hey I don't know about this one but my s6 cracked by just a fall on smooth floor..and the screen completely stopped working after that … I strongly know that s6 edge would not last this long …it would start flickering after a small fall..I think maybe its because version of this phone imported to united states is strong build..and on others they compromise on quality…my father too had an s6 edge screen started flickering without any reason and now the screen is dead …I know my friends who bought other mobiles half the price of mine still working without a glith..I know s6 edge has more feature but it should last at least 2 to 3 year for such a big investment ….costly mistake that I had made on my two s6 buys…

  2. Bull crap test. Mine broke, while falling on the front face, on the rugged road when I was trying to take picture with one of my hand, holding between 5 and 6 feet hight. Plus I had a cover on 🙁

  3. Not sure how this guy is not managing to destroy the phone…mine fell off my lap in a car parking lot with a case on it and the screen cracked. FFwd a month later, dropped it again on a hardwood floor and the screen is completely unresponsive–these Samsung phones are BRITTLE. Back to Motorola for me…

  4. Cracked on 1st fall.
    less durable than iphone 3 :@
    got out from shop, hold it in my hand when i go out of car and i take my dogs leash in the same hand. My dog got exited to see my son so she pull the leash a little.
    Trying to grip the leash firm, but i hold the phone also so it slips with the leash.
    And it falls from my knee almost so not any height!! And it fell with almost no impact!

    Have to say it was not asphalt but gravel, so most likely very very very unlucky.. 
    I also got the software issue with the camera and battery :/

    My friend who made me switch from iphone to samsung could not believe his eyes!! He told me before i pick the phone up, that it isn't cracked..

    Its samsung's new glass blablabla 😛

    I just looked at him and said guess…

    Crack from left bottom on the corner (In center of the edge) (looks like a rose with small missing glass peaces)
    and goes a crack to the top right corner, also to bottom right corner and to the home button. 🙁

    But i have to say that even the broken glass it still works amazingly good.. even took a bubble bath without big problems 😀

    I guess that is also why my phone now after 6 months, without repairing, bathing it and then new years eve came with some alcohol and i drop it out of my hand while sitting texting 😛 and more of the screen broke :@

    Still it is no problem using the phone :O
    Only some small problems while texting, zooming or using multiple finger tasks..

    Conclusion : Not impressed about durability in screen! BUT and it is a BIG BUTT!!
    Even the screen is cracked it is working better cracked than any other phone i have used with a cracked screen 😀 and it also took a swim with small or no damage 😀

  5. Its not the height that matters as much as its the way it hits. I dropped mine from my lap in a chair and spider webbed the front glass about the same place yours hit on the right side . Then dropped in a toilet with immediate clean and sterile applications prior to setting in front of a modern day space heater, and still very functional….

  6. I dropped mine out of my backpack when I was getting something else out of it, it fell on the concrete and smashed the screen at top in quite a serious manner. I think it depends what type of concrete you're going to be dropping it on.

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