Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Add a Date / Time Stamp to a Photo

Learn how you can add a Date and Time Stamp to a photo on Samsung Galaxy S5.

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8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Add a Date / Time Stamp to a Photo

  1. Thanks for the absolutely USELESS how-to video, roping people in by having a MISLEADING thumbnail, title and text by stating this is directions for a SAMSUNG GALAXY S5. I have my Samsung Galaxy S5 in my hands right now and I don't know what kind of phone you used in your video, but I can assure you that it is NOT a Samsung Galaxy S5. The front of a Samsung Galaxy S5 looks different as what appears to be your light and camera are right next to the ear piece, and mine are not, and the home screen and icons also look very different. As soon as you went to the gallery and clicked on a picture that you wanted to add a date/time stamp to, and said to "tap on the edit icon, then tap on decoration at the bottom", it was even more obvious how you are using a different phone because the Samsung Galaxy S5 does not have any of these icons at the top or bottom when you click on a photo in the gallery…in fact, the Samsung Galaxy S5 only has options for sharing or deleting at the top, and no icons at the bottom, only the couple of pictures before and after the picture you are currently looking at.

    I can't seem to understand why you would make a misleading how-to video. Why wouldn't you just make a how-to video on the phone you actually have? Did you make this video when Samsung Galaxy S5's had just come out, in hopes to score tons and tons of views? I cannot believe that you really believed your phone was a Galaxy S5 when it isn't, as not only do you get told what phone you are buying when you buy it, it says the model on the box, on the directions manual, when the screen turns on, and you can even access what model it is by going to settings, and I know that it pops up many times when using the phone.

    I also want to note that nowhere in the text below the video do you say that the directions are also for other phones or different models. Please make this video ACTUALLY USING a Samsung Galaxy S5, or re-title this video to the model that your phone is, or just take down your video, because it violates YouTube terms and conditions by being misleading, and its misleading on purpose since as I pointed out, there's no way you COULDN'T KNOW what kind of phone you have!

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