OnePlus 5T Vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ detailed comparison!!!… Which one is worth for money??

Launching its new flagship phone today, OnePlus joins in on the hottest trend of 2017 by nixing the display bezels, but it resists the urge to participate in another popular change by retaining its headphone jack. The new OnePlus 5T is only slightly taller than the OnePlus 5, however it fits a full 6-inch OLED display in roughly the same footprint as the earlier 5.5-inch device. OnePlus has also reworked its dual-camera system, making the secondary camera a dedicated low-light shooter, and it’s refined the already polished and appealing design of the 5 to a perfect finish. If you loved the OnePlus 5, but just wanted to see it with one of those fancy bezel-deprived displays, this new phone is the answer to your hopes.

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ Active will be available on AT&T Next for $28.34 for 30 months, which adds up to around $850.The device is bound by a metal frame and a bumper to shield it from shocks, while the back cover “has a rugged, tough texture for a secure grip.” The phone also features Bixby — with the voice assistant’s home screen including quick access to a stopwatch, barometer, compass, and flashlight. The screen is a 5.8-inch quad HD super AMOLED display with a 18.5:9 aspect ratio.

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