How Disable Android Apps ( Android 4.0 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ ) (commentary)

To disable Android Apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″, tap on the settings icon, then select application manager in the left hand column. This opens a three tab listing of your apps, on the right side of the screen. “Downloaded” lists all of the user installed applications, “Running” shows the apps that are currently being used, and the “All” tab lists every application installed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″. Use the “all” tab to look for the apps that you do not want to use, or do not want to run. When found, tap on it to view info. If the app came with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ you may not be able to uninstall it, but you can disable it. first tap on force stop to close the app,then select OK when prompted. Second tap on disable, and select OK when prompted. The annoying app or bloatware will no longer bother you.

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  1. If you cant get rid of it, you could simply hide the app. In the app drawer, tap on the settings bar. there should be a menu item labeled "Hide applications" select it, then check off all the apps that you want to hide. The same menu is used to show hidden apps.

  2. there are some aps that will kill unwanted apps, that is to say keep them from starting. There is also apps, to kill unwanted apps, that keep starting up without you telling it to. I haven't used these.

  3. There are some apps that are not removable without root access. These are called, "bloadware". I somehow have not had any problems disabling the apps that I don't use. Perhaps I just bought the tablet at the right time, and avoided extra bloadware!

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