Galaxy Note 9: Official Samsung One Ui (Android 9.0 Pie) – Top Features

Most Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users are getting the official Samsung One Ui update which is bringing a plethora of new features to the Note 9, S9 and S9 Plus.

In this video, I will highlight some new features of the Samsung One Ui running on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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44 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 9: Official Samsung One Ui (Android 9.0 Pie) – Top Features

  1. Ui pie sucks it ruined my note 9
    Texting was a no brainer for yrs. Now ui pie is hard to text a friend and a picture they ruined it . Ui pie is useless it ruined my note 9 . Even the volume settings are different.

  2. Nope! Miss me with this update! I don't like the look, I'll continue to select later when it asks me to update. the over look is stupid , big goofy looking icons in the drop down, one hand use should be a choice, I have no need to use the phone with one hand. .its just a really ugly looking UI.

  3. At first I didn't like anything. Then after using it for couple of hours I started to really like it. Espacilly night mode. Also the new navigation bar is really nice and it is very difficult to use at first but give yourself sometime to adapt and it is very easy to switch apps by swiping across it and to go home just use the force touch if you like pressing (mine set to lowest sensitivity level).

    No lag no stutter. The notification panel is improved and I'm happy with the lower reach for everything now, so much easier to use.

    Setting layout will always be hard because there are so many and needs alot of exploring with trail and error but definitely easier than before.

    Now there are more options for notifications and always-on-display. I turned off the smart pop-up notification because it was annoying in the past I keep pressing it by mistake and it opens it when I don't want to.

    My problems are small.

    First I really really really hate the new icon. Can be fixed from theme store but I wanted the original andriod 8 icons.

    2. The auto brightness is for some reason doesn't go below 50% brightness so I had to turn it off because it will blind me in the dark.

    3. I hate that there is a separate video mode in camera. I just want to have the button to record in all mode. Why did you do that Samsung it was unnecessary. Actually couple of one step actions turned into two or more steps instead. Effectiveness? duh.

    Overall I'm happy with it and hopefully more improvements in their next update.

    ***One more thing: don't use auto-optimization because it will clean up the ram and what ever apps you have opened will restart and lose all progress whether its a note, excel, game, or any other type of apps. Be careful I'm warning you ⚠

    Thanks for sharing. Great video. ✌️

  4. Can clock be moved to the right? Clock was moved to the left with Pie to make more room for a notch. I don't have a notch and definitely don't want the interface of having one. Thanks

  5. I dont like that the voicemail feature was removed from the dial pad. It's now only in the file for whatever carrier you have. I have sprint so I had to go to the sprint folder and add it to my home screen. Not a fan of that.

  6. Split Screen view is way harder to use Multi Tasking is not as easy! Scrolling right to left requires more screen space rather than the prior horizontal visibility option on 8.0. I no longer have the option to keep the volume key silent as I reduce or increase the volume. Options should be there for people that want to hear the tone as they increase the volume versus others that do not wan to hear it. Not good when you are in a meeting and everyone knows you are reducing your volume. Phone performance is slower as well. Also, do I need 1/4 of my screen taken up to tell me where I am? I don't need the scroll down to tell me I'm in "Messages"; I think I can tell that.

    Not happy at all with release 9.0 Pie. I called Samsung directly to tell them my complaints. I encourage you to do the same. Samsung: 1-800-726-7864.

  7. Smh update great but bluetooth snap crackle pop. Anyone else has issue. Never did it before. I got iconx uninstall and reinstalled already. But when listening straight from playlist download no issue. Just happen when I did the update.

  8. Guess I won't be updating my Note 9. Haven't seen it yet on my phone. I've been reading reviews all over and many don't like the new update. But a lot are saying that they like the night mode. Won't upgrade just for night mode. I'll just keep using my black themes. They look great.

  9. I don't use Android but I want to get an s9 is Android pie and one ui together or separate? Like do you download each separate? And can you get one ui on Oreo?

  10. I need help-
    I have the Samsung Note 9, sprint is my carrier. Ever since the recent new update my shortcut master app no longer works because it did not update with the phone. I no longer have LTE calling/calling plus/VoLTE. Does anyone know how I can get it back?

  11. This phone is amazing until the recent UI one update, terrible! Somebody help me pls revert back to its previous OS. Gone is the sophisticated and ingenious look and feel, it used to be very intuitive. The recent update is hideous — the bubble pop-ups and round edges layout of the icons, thumbnails and basically everything visual in it are not at all classy and stylish… it feels like a big head but has a pebble brain — less and dull. It doesn't feel like a "smart" phone for a smart sphisticated person lol. The rounded edges look stupid, its a widescreen phone, maximize the space! Everything seem big but empty. The phone already has an easy mode option, if that was the idea!

  12. Awesome had this installed few hours ago n it's a fantastic UI but I was not used to the new features
    thanks for the video though.This is useful.
    Thumbs up-ed and shared

  13. Not sure how everyone else received the update but I literally just downloaded the update .tar file (for my unlocked S8+) flashed it and I promise I haven't had ANY issues with One UI so far. Everything runs super smooth – Nothing laggy at all. I am LOVING the new update and I don't even have the official release, it's a beta.

  14. The one handed mode was demonstrated horribly lol but if you pull diagonally from either bottom corners it will give you a smaller screen to work with one hand.(has to be on in the settings where it literally tells you this, not sure how he didnt see this)

  15. fUKIN bs…cANT BELIVE THAT one ui IS SOOO INCOMPLETE!! Especially the camera…I cant even chose the fps any is hust 1080p and thats is!!
    Does Saki knows when is this going to be rectified?

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