E3 2019: Everyone is (Not) Here!

First, Sony announced they would be skipping E3 2019 entirely. Now, EA will not be holding a press conference at the show. What does this say about these companies and E3 as an Event?

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22 thoughts on “E3 2019: Everyone is (Not) Here!

  1. EA: We are out. Livestreams only.
    Bethesda and Todd: Yeah people hate us too, but we are gonna show up this year. And we are still brave enough to not do a life stream and instead do a life event. Because our business practices aren't as bad as you guys and some people still like us.
    More people watch the EA Livestreams than the Bethesda Press Conference
    Todd: oh.

  2. I agree with you. Sony is planning a Big Event and I mean BIG not just reveal the ps5 but also their launch lineup and I'm telling you the last of us 2 will be a launch title just like death stranding.
    About EA… Who cares about them?!

  3. As someone who watches every conference stream each year for the sheer point of knowledge, I can say that EA not having a conference is honestly less time wasting my life, sitting through there conferences is time I'll never get back.

  4. I think E3 will ultimately just become an event for people to try out the new games, not necessarily a place to reveal the new games. Don’t get me wrong though, I always enjoy watching the E3 press conferences and it’s really something to look forward to. It will be interesting to see what ends up happening to E3 in the next few years

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