Best Microphone for vlogging for the Sony a6000. Shotgun ECM- GZ1M.

It’s the rainy season and the weather is not really good to go shooting so I decided to make a video while shopping in Bangkok.

I need to buy an external microphone for my Sony a6000 and chose the Shotgun ECM-GZ1M. A nice improvement. This mic is compatible with all the cameras with multi interface Sony a6000, a6300, a6500, a7, a7ii, a7S, a7Sii, a7R, a7Rii and sony a9.

Unboxing of the microphone: 5:30
Sound Tests after: 6:30.

Check the microphone here:
Bluetooth Mic.:


Music: Lakey Inspired – Beach Dayz

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8 thoughts on “Best Microphone for vlogging for the Sony a6000. Shotgun ECM- GZ1M.

  1. Hi David, I just ordered this today, also attracted by the battery-free set-up and cleaner sound. I've just started vlogging and have no real clue what I'm doing. May I ask about your video look? I'd love to know how you achieved that particular effect. What are your video settings on the A6000, do you mind sharing? Well done you on getting paid photog work! Check out my flickr: Bangkok's food looks better than Nanning's boo-hoo…

  2. Nice videos – Much better with the shotgun mic – you need to remove the metal strap mounts though – I've done that with my a6300 and it's so much better.
    Amazing Instagram photos!

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