$400 iPhone 7/7 Plus Case?!

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A quick overview of the Louis Vuitton Cowhide leather folio case for the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus!

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31 thoughts on “$400 iPhone 7/7 Plus Case?!

  1. Hi All!
    I write to know if anyone has had the same problem with this cover.
    Since I use it, my interlocutors say they hear my voice muffled and distant. I did several test calls (with and without a cover). I also brought the phone (iPhone 7 plus) to the Apple store for a check. The phone is ok and it seems to be a problem with the adhesive material. I wrote to LV's customer service … and I am awaiting an answer. Any similar problems?

  2. I hated this case.  I bought one for my iPhone 6S last year.  Got the 6S after finals in december.  Went to Louis that day and bought the monogram folio.  The SA said you could remove the phone up to 30 times.  So every 3 weeks I would take the phone out to clean it.  But apparently she was wrong and it started to give way over time.  I was at the starbucks in my office trying to pay and the phone fell out and shattered after like 8 months of having the case.  Needless to say the SA was wrong, did not apologize, and wanted to send the case in for repair.  A week later I had roughly 330$ credit to louis, so I bought a wallet.  DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU CHANGE CASES OFTEN!!!

  3. I have this case, it is very good, practical, the adhesive is very functional after a year of use, but the case itself gets scratched and just wore at the place where it bends, as well, the outside fabric is not leather, but for all who knows LV, it is much better quality fabric than normal leather as from Hugo Boss, Armani or Apple

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